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DERRICK ROSE recently linked with KANYE WEST and shares this information about YE character, here’s what ROSE had to say about the engagemen...

”Big bro team walks in and say they have to talk business and me and my Queen were about to leave the room and give them their space to talk business. He told us to not leave... G shit! His team was telling him to really think about the decision becuz it was going to be time consuming and he had a lot on his plate at that time.

Next day we get on the plane to head back home and we seen that he did the GAP deal. We couldnt believe it. I been watching Ye from a far my whole life. Watched EVERY interview and move he made and loved how God, self belief and that Chicago toughness, plus that soulful touch got him through all the bullshit that was in front of him. I’m a student of Success and it's been a blessing to watch dude. His story is Amazing.... Started rappin in 3rd grade, started drawing in 7 grade, Got a graphic computer and sound program right after that. Used to run back home after school to make beats. At 14 he was cutting hair and started sampling music but didn't have the bread becuz it cost 2000 back then. First sample was James Brown, heard Common Take it Easy track on the radio and said he had to meet him. Met No I.D and he showed him how to work the SP1200 and showed him how to take his sampling to another level. Car cash then got evicted two month later and moved to Newark. Met Beanie at the Baseline Club and started playing him beats then Hov walked in. Hiphop told him to play Hov the beats and he pick the Ain't no love and Never change beats and the rest was history.

Coming from chi you give people their space and try not to be a fuckin goofy but I got to give dude his flowers. What he represents is way bigger then money Forbes. FOH! He's from Chicago and we are use to people trying to shit on us. The environment is full of THAT hate you showed. Who really cares if it's 1 or 6 BILLION lol. He represents Black Opulence and we love Ye for that and always will. People hate on him but deeeeeep down you know it's inspiring. Peace and love King”.

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