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Let’s start off by saying condolences to

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr

July 27, 1985 - November 17, 2021

Young Dolph his family and his close friends. but as you all may have learned Young Dolph was killed a few days ago in his hometown supposedly grabbing cookies and ice cream from a well-known black owned cookie shop on airways Boulevard in Memphis Tennessee south Memphis that is well on this day everyone was sad to hear the news that Dolph was gunned down in his own city inside of a well known but failing business

Makeda’s Homemade “Butter Cookies”.

Where Dolph made a promotional video from the business a week before the incident. After hearing the news or seeing the actual crime scene via SOCIAL MEDIA a video surface via TMZ stating ”this was Dolph’s last moments“

a little bit after that reports came in saying

that it had been a shoot out, witness say Dolph shot back at offenders but was ultimately gunned down as police rush to the scene see Dolph unresponsive in the cookie shop and his arm hanging out the window.

reports also came that Dolph had security with him as photo image emerge of him appearing to chase the getaway car then later detained



now fast forward after securing Adolph’s body and his car. The Memphis Police removed DOLPH and his car from the scene. Within an hour or two time frame boards was quickly covering the front of the cookie shop and

a memorial spot was created for where Dolph passed now as people gather to place teddy bears balloons spray paint Adolph’s name along the sidewalks and along the boards incident broke out where

a man was shot

3 men were picked up for the shooting.

As case has been developing and unfolding surveillance camera footage was captured during the incident displaying 2

males dark hooded sweat shirts, light colored paints both wearing hats with a parked white 2 door Benz Coupe behind Dolph’s camouflage Corvette. On social media and news reports were coming in that Yo Gotti’s resturant was shot up as well as Black Younsta‘s GRANDMOM house.

Social Media then came up with different sources of who may have played a part in Dolph’s death and people were accusing two men as they took to their

social medias displaying the hat and the car that was at the scene

also posting cryptic messages as their post also going live where they are seen talking about the situation during Dolph untimely demise

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