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Fenger wins over Solorio as Lonnel Strickland and Donovan Jones match up

Two of the best players in the White Division got active wednesday Public League playoffs.

Two good ball clubs from the White Division teams, got active during the consolation tournament quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Fenger checks off the Sun Warriors off their list 67-59. The Titans is a strong hard nose team hood enough to win the tournament and will be an alarming threat in the Class 1A when the state playoffs start.

“We started kind of sluggish at the beginning of the season,” Fenger senior Lonnel Strickland said. “Right now our mindset is that we can’t lose anymore. We have to come up on top because everyone is underestimating us.”

Strickland is the toughest and best player in the White Division. begin his four year varsity run at Harlan then transferred to Fenger his junior year. Strickland an very athletic 6-4 guard reeked havoc with 21 points and 13 rebounds.

Fenger (14-10) waste no time taking a 22-5 lead. But Solorio (11-6) did not go down without a fight.

“We stayed together as a team and stayed poised and held them off,” Fenger senior Armani Wilson said. “We listened to coach and moved the ball to the open man and kept our hands up on defense.”

Solorio had 30 turnovers. Fenger attacked defensively from the outset and never let up.

“I played on Westinghouse’s 2002 state championship team,” Fenger coach Stephen Collum. “That kind of defense and forcing turnovers is the way we played and the way I want all my teams to play.”

Armani Wilson(Fenger-G)scored 17 points, 5/8 from downtoem. Jordan Rowls(Fenger-C) 10 points and 7 rebounds and Isaiah (silk) Hall 8 points.

Fenger vs Northside semifinals on Friday.

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