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Yeezy focused on Illinois signatures to enter Presidential Runnings

Kanye West is as serious about his presidential candidacy as he is about being iconic.

Last week, the “Through the Wire” rap star made news after hosting his very first presidential rally for the Birthday Party in South Carolina.

In what many considered a manic rant, he informed his adoring constituency that a) Harriet Tubman never freed slaves but shifted their servitude to other white men and b) that he and his family have been intimately involved around the conversation of abortion.

The next sensational gesture, symbolic as it gives a nod to his hometown, was to submit his official petition and 412 pages of signatures to be on the ballot for the election in Illinois.

In Illinois, he will run as an independent. An objection window closes on July 27 at 5 pm. From there, the signatures will go to the board to be certified at their Aug. 21 meeting.

The board will certify each signature submitted, hoping to push him through.

That is if he is well enough to run.

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