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Just a few days ago things got heated between Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps, due to an invite proposal through dm from Mike (allegedly) to be on Sharpe's show Club Shay Shay. Words got exchanged Epp's mentioned the falling out in his comedy show and Shannon did not take well to the performance as he broke it down to chad via YOUTUBE LIVE. Well let's just say Shannon wanted all the smoke, vid below

Mike Epps responded as he was laid back appearing to be relaxing as he fires back at Sharpe and Chad for the LIVE STREAM "I don't do no fighting no mo' so you know what's the other thang" "And chad get some eyebrows, you sitting up there looking lik a whole milk dud" vid below

Since the incident the two have met up in Indiana for the NBA ALLSTAR GAME(weekend) and the two ha buried the hatchet as the talked and embraced one another

Caption via Shannon Sharpe

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