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Recently reports came out that during the “Make The Trap Say Ayye” era OJ DA JUICEMAN said he was paid $0.00 from that whole time period. Ms. ANTENY recently went live and addressed the situation with a fan via IG LIVE where she stated saying OJ DA JUICEMAN is receiving money now from those projects that she’d never hold him back and so forth, then she says he may feel because she was showing GUCCI MANE a little more attention because he required it because he was the top artist at the time and he was getting in trouble so she had to be there. She also give OJ DA JUICEMAN credit for being a mixtape deal pioneer, his mixtape deals set the tone in the rap game but in the same instance she also shared that OJ DA JUICE man career went under after he got big headed and got into heated debates with New York artist like JADAKISS says fans was throwing things on stage ashe performed after the inciden. she even goes on to say OJ jumped before.....

OJ DA w ewww was JUICEMAN respond below

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