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Get ready for and all new series BLOCKUMENTARY SERIES A CHICAGO HOOD RADIO GOTV | NPE Venture were we go to the artist stomping ground and film everything in the mud where it all started. In the first edition we’ll be kicking off the series with NPE CEO | Mobbed Up Records Artist DAME DILLA, Dilla Man

takes us on a journey to his childhood neighborhood where he reflects back on past time events and shares them with us in jewel dropping dialogue we visited AK, The Cabrini Greens a place called headquarters even grabbed a bite to eat from a local pizza joint DILLA RECOMMENDED ALL WHILE LISTENING TO UNRELEASED BANGERS THAT HE BREAKS DOWN IN DETAIL ON HOW HE TAILORS HIS WORDS TO THE BEAT. We even got a chance to chop it up with NPE ARTIST CROWNME2TIMES congratulating him on his single success ”LEVEL UP” Dame also lets us in on his label situation and give a good report in the staff over at MOBBED UP RECORDS “This ya don’t wanna miss”

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