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Interesting facts about what happened to the King Family after MLK’s death in 1968. ‬

‪A young MLK pictured to the bottom right in the 1930’s.‬

‪MLK’s push for reparations led to his demise, which he was ready for.‬

‪It was told that MLK was k*lled at the Lorraine Motel on April 4, 1968 by James  Earl Ray. Although James was charged with the crime, the King family took the FBI to court and won. ‬

‪The family believed it was more than just an assassination and they proved it.‬

MLK was shot on the balcony, but he survived the bullet wounds and was taken to the hospital.

Once MLK arrived to the hospital, a nurse claimed she saw two male figures dressed in black walk inside his room. Her explanation was that she saw the men spit and suffocate MLK until he was dead.

Before leaving for Memphis, MLK did his usual routine at home with his family and told them he would be home soon.

His children that particular day begged him not to leave and jumped on top of the car, and tried to prevent him from entering the vehicle. MLK told his assistant their behavior indicated he had to be more present.

That was the last time MLK’s children saw him alive.

Pictured below from left to right: Martin Luther King Sr., Alberta Williams King, & Coretta Scott King.

When Coretta approached Martin’s body, the funeral director yelled out “I tried the best I can! The bullet ripped through his jaw!”

After MLK’s death, his younger brother A.D. King, was found dead in his pool. A.D. was a great swimmer so the family questioned his death.

MLK Sr. said in his autobiography “I had questions about A.D.’s death, and I still have them now. He was a good swimmer. Why did he drown?”

A.D. King pictured below.

Naomi King, A.D.’s wife said “There is no doubt in my mind that the system k*lled my husband.”

A.D. supported his older brother’s movement, always there when needed but preferred not to be in the spotlight.

A.D. suffered from depression, and after MLK’s death he had enough. It was also speculated that A.D. had heart issues like Martin as well.

Their mother Alberta King, was m*rdered during Church service on June 30, 1974 as she sat at the organ by Marcus Wayne Chenault.

Marcus was a young 23 year old black male, and he was aiming for MLK Sr. Marcus decided to k*ll Alberta because she was close to him.

Alberta pictured below.

Marcus’s reason for k*lling her is quoted “All Christians are my enemies.” He also said that Black ministers were a menace to black people.

Marcus was given the death penalty but the King family didn’t want that, therefore he was sentenced to life and died of a heart attack at age 44.

This Marcus below, he was from Dayton,  Ohio.

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