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Meek Mill Confronts and demands respect from Ethika CEO on social media.

There was once a time when Meek Mill and Ethika were extremely tight. The rapper's done a few collaborations with the underwear brand including a Championships style briefs. They've even worked together for charity work. On their website, they even refer to him as a "key member of the brand" that "has helped take our music program to the next level." However, it seems that things have since changed. "I wanna address a issue with some of my friends and white owners who actually build companies with the black culture," he said after calling out Ethika Music and Ethika underwear.

It's unclear where Meek went on to address the issue on Clubhouse as he mentioned in the tweets but it appears as if these issues continued to bubble without any resolution. He took to Twitter earlier today here he publicly denounced the company, even suggesting that he's willing to fight them in court if it comes to that. "Matt cook has to be taken to court by the black culture!!!!!! #ethika I have sooooooo much to say about this company and the way the play with the black culture," he tweeted. "I have every screen shot of what I’m talking about I don’t care for lawsuits and money it’s the respect point!!!!!! And we gone show how much we matter!!!!"

Meek then turned to Instagram where he appeared to accuse Cook of trying "to put blacks on blacks" before summoning 21 Savage to chime in with his own experiences dealing with the underwear company. "Matt call who you want if you dealt with him or was cheated by him please join room," Meek said on IG, adding that the conversation will take place on Clubhouse following their Bitcoin culture currency chat. "21 Savage come speak about him offering you a dirty bike for a deal thinking you a n#%*er!!!! We gone get some respect right!!!"

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