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The controversial rapper was at an LA Fitness in South Florida when several men decided to jump him.

6ix9ine was “severely” beaten inside a South Florida gym on Tuesday night (March 21). TMZ reports the injuries were so bad, 6ix9ine was rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance. Attorney Lance Lazzaro said the controversial rapper was at an LA Fitness when he was ambushed by several men without provocation. Employees heard the commotion and immediately notified the manager who then called 9-1-1. Police and EMS arrived on the scene and found 6ix9ine bloodied, swollen and bruised. He was then loaded into the ambulance and taken away.

Photos of the aftermath show 6ix9ine with dried blood on his face and a black-and-blue eye. He also suffered injuries to his jaw, ribs and back.

Tekashi 6ix9ine left bruised and bloodied after ambush attack inside gym sauna.

6ix9ine was arrested on several RICO charges in 2018. He was ultimately released from prison in 2020 after he testified against multiple members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang. Since then, he’s been labeled a “snitch” by the rap community. It’s unclear if the assault is related to the case.

6ix9ine has been extremely vocal about his decision to cooperate with the feds. Over the past few years, he’s also continued to brag about being able to roam freely without security. In this case, not having security proved to be a poor choice. Video of the altercation can be found below.

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